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Are the fonts here free to use? 

Yes! We created this site for users worldwide so they can use different styles instead of the usual default ones. Therefore, you can freely use any fonts that you see here without paying! 

Can I use the fonts commercially? 

Although the fonts that you can find here are free, you can’t use them all commercially.  

Some fonts replicate popular movies, companies and other businesses which are protected by copyright. So, these fonts are best used for personal projects.  

How do I download the fonts? 

Simply select the font that you want and click the “Download” button below it. The fonts are all small in size so it will download in seconds.  

Is there a limit to how many fonts I can download here? 

No. There’s no limit to how many fonts you can download here! Whether you download one or download them all, you can do so.  

Where can I use the fonts? 

As of now, you can only use these fonts for computers and laptops.  

Can I submit a font design?  

Yes! We encourage you to do share your fonts with everyone by uploading them here at YoFonts. In exchange, you’ll get to see your name in the font and you’ll be able to help others.