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School Dot Fight APK 1.2

Icon School Dot Fight APK 1.2
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Unleash your lethality in School Dot Fight APK. Download the action-packed School Dot Fight game for mobile and crush powerful enemies to keep your throne.

Information of School Dot Fight

School Dot Fight
Compatible with
Android 5.0+
Last version
204 MB
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School Dot Fight Mobile Description

School Dot Fight Mobile is an action-packed mobile game that has only one objective. You must obliterate the competition and rule the school. These fights progress further as you have to control more territories and overthrow the previous rules.

That is to say, as the protagonist, you must capture areas and make it back to your base alive in order to win the game. Your main goal is to capture the flag from the enemy base. That means, you have to fight through hordes of enemies and defeat them completely and grab the flag.

School Dot Fight APK offers a similar gameplay to most commonly played flag-bearing games – Capture the flag.

However, there is a slight twist. The flags in this game are bags. Yes, since you are playing in a school location, the theme revolves around highschoolers and their belongings. Regardless of the pixel art, School Dot Fight APK has gained a lot of popularity for its simple yet crazy gameplay.

To clarify, you commit the most heinous crimes by using a simple control system. The game has basic controls that allow you to focus more on the visuals.

school dot fight apk

In addition, this simplicity makes the game easy to play for beginners as well. Your screen will display navigation buttons on the left and action buttons on the right.

By using only those controls you can charge mercilessly towards your enemies and attack them. After you have finished everyone off, proceed by stealing the flag (bag). Once you take the bag back to your base, you must defend it as your enemies will try to come back for it.

School Dot Fight Online Gameplay

School Dot Fight can be downloaded online directly from our site. In terms of gameplay, you can expect pixel art graphics that may resemble some retro games like king of fighters.

However, regardless of the graphics, the gameplay is rather intense. In School Dot Fight APK, you must fight against numerous powerful enemies.

You can use anything from guns to knives and throwables. That is to say, anything that can lay your enemies flat on the ground.

There can only be one winner in School Dot Fight and that is the last man standing. In School Dot Fight APK, the protagonist is Akira.

She is a powerful highschooler who can thrash both, humans and monsters alike. Don’t let her innocent looks fool you. You can perform various actions, such as jumping, kicking, punching, and blocking.

school dot fight apk download

Moreover, you also have special abilities to overpower your enemies. To add a nice touch to it, the developers added some exciting animations for when you attack your enemies with basic attacks or special abilities.

What You Need to Know About School Dot Fight APK

School Dot Fight APK is originally developed by Mosaic Studios. The APK file available is the same as the latest version of the game. The game was released a while back but it was quick to gain an enormous player base. The visually alluring characters are one of the main reasons why young players are hopping on School Dot Fight APK by the minute.

Moreover, School Dot Fight APK has a lot more to offer than captivating visuals. That is to say, there are several levels you can play and each level has a different difficulty. In other words, as you progress, the game becomes more difficult and intensifies.

Even for a pixel art game, School Dot Fight APK packs quite a punch to give you the thrill you would expect from a fighting game.

school dot fight apk download 2022

If you want to download the game then we recommend using Android with OS 5.0 and above. Nevertheless, the game is compatible on most Android devices. This includes low-end devices as well.

Download School Dot Fight for Android with All Scenes

When you download School Dot Fight for Android, you gain access to all the included scenes. However, these are rewarding visuals that can only be unlocked by playing the game further. In other words, the more you play, the better it gets.

School Dot Fight Free Features

School Dot Fight is an action genre game, but it offers some unique features. These bits of the game make it fun to play. Here are some of the commonly admired features of School Dot Fight APK:

  • Pixel Art Graphics – School Dot Fight APK features pixel art graphics that give you a nostalgic feel. Surely, there are plenty of 3D games available but we all know the joy of playing these pieces of art. In addition, the interface is incredibly beautiful and makes it a wonderful game to play.
  • Easy Control System – With School Dot Fight mobile, you do not have to worry about learning some complicated combos or dozens of buttons. The interface is simple and easy to grasp. It will only take you a minute and half to play the game like you know the back of your hand.
  • Upgradable Items – As aforementioned, School Dot Fight on Android has some nice weapons. To make it even better, there are upgradable items that give you leverage over your enemies. You can complete missions and achievements to unlock rewards and enhance your inventory.
  • Fun Characters – This is possibly one of the most loved features of the game. You will find numerous high school anime characters. There are some mature visuals involved as well, so just be sure you are the right age!
school dot fight apk 2022

In summary, School Dot Fight is a great game but it is suitable for a more mature audience.

Download School Dot Fight Latest Version with Adjustable Speed

School Dot Fight latest version prioritizes a good experience over complicated or boring “work”. Therefore, there is a feature that lets you speed up or slow down the game as you please. It is rather useful as you are able to adjust the speed according to your liking. In simple terms, you can make it easy or difficult for yourself.

Final Thoughts - School Dot Fight Download

If you are looking for a light weight game that offers a lot of action then this is it. When you get the School Dot Fight download, you now have in your possession and incredibly and fun to play game.

School Dot Fight APK is easy to learn and play. Therefore, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to make the most of it. The gist of this is – the game has everything you need to enjoy some free time playing a fun game.

Download School Dot Fight [204 MB]